we Want to pray for you!

At WLC, we believe that prayer is powerful and is the direct contact link to God.  We would love to stand in agreement with you on whatever prayer needs you have.  Our staff meets weekly and sets aside a time of prayer for these requests.

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Prayers for my grandmother Barbara Brown she has abscess in the her leg which already amputated Protection in all aspects of life. Prayers for Protection over my family Chanel A.I. Brown protection in all of life, Chelse Marie Brown Williams protection in all aspects of life, Demetrious Williams protection in aspects of life, Tyre Brown and his job protection from his enemies, Erick Brown Protection in aspects of his life, Tayshaun Brown protection in aspects of his life. James LaMar, Tiffany LaMar, Kristy LaMar, and James Jr. All family members mentioned and unmentioned. Prayer for Chantika Brown over my money, family, and my home. May God always allow me to pay my rent and always provide with my own house to live in Thank You. Prayers over my overall health. Protection from enemies against harm, slander, and gossip. In Jesus Name! Protection for a child custody court case to go in my favor so that i may get my child back In Jesus Name. May the cps case to be dismissed unmentioned and thrown out, for lies were told regarding the cps case. Lord Thank You Jesus for Your Mercy and Grace!


Can you pray for me? These are my prayer request. Please pray for my accelerated and complete healing, deliverance and miracle from stroke. Pray for me for all round open doors. Pray for me for sound mind. Pray for me for victory over power of darkness and all enemies. Pray that God should deliver me from all form of reproach and shame. Pray for me to have financially, careers, professional, academic and all breakthroughs and advancement. Pray me for better opportunities and divine connections. Pray that God should erase evil marks and all form of curse in my life and my family. Pray for me to finish well and strong. Pray for the success of my children and for them to know Christ. Pray for The salvation of my immediately, extended family and in-laws. Pray for me to succeed as a Christians. Pray destiny helpers for me. Pray for health, wealth and longevity for me. Pray for wisdoms, knowledge and understanding. Pray for favour and better job for me. Pray for excellent spirit for me and my family. Pray for protection of God on me and my family. Pray that I should recover all that I have lost. Pray that God should provide me with house and car. Pray that I should be highly productive and fruitful in all areas. Pray that God should perform His miracle of restoration of my right hand and my right leg. All that God lays in your heart for me and my family. Also pray that God should deliver me from deceit and falsehood. Pray that God should take away all hindrance to my family traveling abroad. Thank you. Ebenezer Adeniyi Akinpelu WhatsApp. +2348165285876


Heavenly Father, We lift up Beverly before you today, placing her precious life and well-being in your loving hands. We know she is facing a fierce battle with stage 4 lung cancer, but we come before you with unwavering faith, believing in your miraculous power to heal. Lord, we pray for strength to course through Beverly's veins, fortifying her body to overcome this illness. Embolden her spirit with unyielding resolve, and illuminate her mind with unwavering hope. May your divine touch reverse every lesion, casting out the very essence of cancer, leaving no trace of its darkness ever to return. We know, God, that you are the Great Physician, the healer of hearts and bodies. We hold onto your healing scriptures, finding solace in their promises of restoration and wholeness. We believe, wholeheartedly, in the miracle you can work in Beverly's life. Surround her, dear Lord, with your legions of angels, a thousand strong, guarding her every step with their celestial wings. Shield her from harm, both physical and emotional, and grant her daughter the strength, wisdom, and grace to navigate this challenging time with clarity and poise. Bless their bond, Lord, keeping them in perfect synchrony, a mother and daughter united in love and faith. Guide their decisions, ease their anxieties, and fill their hearts with unwavering hope. We surrender Beverly and her family to your divine care, trusting in your perfect plan. May your love be their guiding light, your peace their unwavering comfort, and your healing touch their ultimate victory. In Jesus' precious name, we pray. Amen.


Please pray for Nia Maria to get selected for University of Notredame stamps scholar program, and to get a roommate there chosen by God. Thanks.


My husband (Philip) is a pastor. We originally served in Northern California, but because our work visa expired, we reapplied. We cannot legally work while we are waiting, therefore the church cannot pay us. We have been waiting for almost 4 months. Please pray for our work visas to be issued soon and for our financial needs. Thank you so much. May God bless your ministries.