Family Therapy

All families, especially blended families, have some level of conflict.  Usually the first step is to set family rules and boundaries.  Many times ADHD is also a contributing factor.  We have four levels of methods to bring these conflicts under control.  We believe that children need to be parented with external control until age 12, then coached to learn self-control until age 18 and then the parent becomes a consultant.  Families rules should be set up to be a "microcosm" of real life so that each lesson learned will apply directly when they become 18 years old.  Your counselor will help you take the appropriate actions for each situation.

Family counseling

Family counseling usually deals with family conflicts or parenting issues.   Most likely we will have to generate a list of areas of conflict, teach how to set boundaries or family rules.  We suggest making the rules a much as real life so what they learn in the family will apply directly in the child's life when they turn 18.  We also have a set of 4 levels for bringing out of control families back under parental control. 

Family counseling cost

Your mental health insurance will usually pay for your family counseling as an "adjustment disorder."  We accept most insurance including Medicaid.   Our family counseling service in Wichita has a fee of $145 for the first initial interview session due to the additional analysis involved. Additional sessions are $125 for a state licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Counselor, or Social Worker. If money is a major issue you may apply for a sliding scale, referral to a non-licensed, degreed counselor on a sliding scale plan or a lay counselor may be recommended. However, it should be realized that the emotional or legal cost of a divorce, loss of a child custody case, or unresolved family conflict will far exceed any amount of money expended on therapy.

Family Counseling Prognosis

Because of the many variables involved, the outcome of Christian family counseling is hard to determine, but in cases where the family is willing to do what is suggested and stay in treatment long enough for things to be resolved, most couples recover from the difficulties and remain together. Although we never recommend divorce, if the couple chooses to divorce or separate, the therapist will do everything possible to help the clients through this difficult time.

A call to action.

The longer you wait before getting help for family problems, the more intrenched they tend to become.   Call our office manager at 316-677-7646 for an appointment with one of our experienced caring family counselors.