Court Approved Anger Management Program

Anger is simply energy to resolve problems but it is many times misused.  For those who are very insecure it can be used as a weapon to try to control others to meet needs and escalates to domestic violence.  In over 50% of marriages there has been at least one incident of domestic violence.  Many of the victims are so controlled they fear to leave the relationship.  Even in these cases, through adequately setting boundaries either the person will change or will leave the relationship.  Sometimes restraining orders or calling the police is required to stop the violence.

Anger management Treatment Program

This program is designed for those with anger problems or for those arrested for domestic violence and placed on Diversion.  The workbook Alternatives to Domestic Violence is used.  The program lasts 13 weeks and meets on Saturdays and Thursdays.  You may begin the program at any time. 

Anger Management Treatment Program Cost

The cost for this program is $20 for each of the 13 sessions and is payable prior to each session

Anger Management Treatment Prognosis

Many hundreds of people have gone through this program and have successfully changed their lives.  Since anger is energy to resolve problems, the key issue is if you are willing to make the necessary changes in your life and learn to use this energy as God intended it to be used.  Domestic violence suggests deeper issues which will also be addressed in this program.

A  call to action.

Anger can and will destroy families and is many times is even passed on to the next generation.  Many times the anger is a reaction to feeling powerless.   Another manifestation is what has been called an tension-rage cycle.  Anger problems many times end in domestic violence and even divorce.  The sooner you get help the better.  Call Connie at 316-210-2917 to enroll in one of our anger management groups.