If you’re a parent who’s tuned in to the various conflicts around public grade school education in the US, you may well be worried about the quality of education your own children will receive in their district. Public schools in our country are notoriously underfunded, understaffed, and often unable or disallowed to deliver high-quality learning experiences. As a result, you may want to consider the benefits of a private education for your child. Here are some of the most important benefits of private school you and your child stand to gain.

  • Higher academic standards. Religious private schools have been proven to enhance academic achievement in students. In fact, students at private religious institutions attain educational progress seven months to a year ahead of their public school counterparts. This can have long-lasting positive effects. Superior academic performance in grade school is an excellent way for students to earn scholarships and stand out from the competition when it comes to gaining admission for prestigious colleges and universities.

  • Smaller class sizes and more individualized attention. Private schools often have a smaller student body than their public counterparts, and students typically enjoy a lower student-to-teacher ratio. This means that children will get to know their classmates better and will receive more personal attention from their teachers. As a result, students are less likely to fall behind and more likely to have opportunities to challenge themselves academically.

  • A safe learning environment. Because of their lower student-to-staff ratios and focus on ethics and Christian values, private schools can typically provide a safer learning environment for students than public institutions do. Statistically, private schools experience fewer instances of bullying, physical conflict, theft, drug abuse, and possession of illegal weapons. 

  • Opportunities for greater parental involvement. In part because they are more accountable to tuition-paying parents, private schools offer more opportunities for parents to become involved with academic and extracurricular operations. This allows parents to get to know their children’s teachers better, stay updated on school events, and offer support as desired. It also helps to create a greater sense of community between school staff, students, parents, and alumni.

  • Christian and cultural teaching. Most private institutions are religiously affiliated, with the majority being Catholic or Protestant Christian schools. If faith is important to your family, then high-quality religious instruction should be important in your child’s education. Your child will not only strengthen their faith, but their knowledge of Christian history and its formative influence on Western civilization as a whole. This is important for understanding a major aspect of their individual and cultural identity.

  • Increased access to extracurricular activities. Private schools often provide specialized types of extracurricular programming that many public schools do not. This allows students to explore more activities that will help them stay physically fit, develop valuable teamwork and life skills, and become more well-rounded individuals. In addition, a smaller student body means each child will have more opportunities to try more activities—and find out what they most excel at and enjoy.

  • Affordable tuition. It’s true that the cost of tuition, fees, and supplies at private schools can vary considerably, but contrary to popular belief, not all institutions cater exclusively to the upper classes. Many private Christian schools serve families in all socioeconomic brackets, and plenty offer financial aid, grants, and scholarships for those who qualify. In addition, parents who invest in their children’s education will see it pay off for many years to come as students grow up to become thoughtful and highly successful adults.

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