Marriage Counseling

With a marriage failure rate around 50%, this is a critical area.  Of those who remain married only half of those are happily married.  Marriages fall apart due to unresolved offenses.  This path of disaffection accounts for many failures.  In addition much of the conflict is due to codependency.  Fortunately most of these issues can be resolved.  Even of those who have had an affair in the marriage around 70% remain married and recover the relationship.  

Marriage counseling is a counseling specialty by itself.  In our program, we do a full relationship analysis in the first session to determine the issues involved and make a treatment plan.  This analysis includes a list of typical issues, a quick relationship analysis, family of origin issues, attachment styles, and spiritual assessment.

Usually the first step is to establish communication, establish a strife break, and set boundaries.  Many times the therapist will recommend additional books or resources, or the attendance of appropriate support groups in addition to therapy. 

Marriage Counseling Cost

Most  marriage counseling is covered by your health insurance policy as an adjustment disorder.  The fee is $145 for the first initial interview session due to the additional analysis involved.  Additional sessions are $125 for a state licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Counselor, or social worker.  If money is a major issue you may apply for a sliding scale, referral to a non-licensed, degreed counselor on a sliding scale plan or a lay counselor may be recommended.  However, it should be realized that the cost of a divorce will far exceed any amount of money expended on therapy.   

Marriage Counseling Prognosis

Because of the many variables involved the outcome is hard to determine, but in cases where the both marriage partners are willing to do what is suggested and stay in treatment long enough for things to be resolved, most marriages recover from the difficulties and remain married. Even in cases where an affair is involved about 70% recover. Although we never recommend divorce, if the couple chooses to divorce, the therapist will do everything possible to help the clients through this difficult time

When do you need marriage counseling in Wichita?

Married couples sometimes forget the love that brought them together in the first place. Christian beliefs dictate that marriage is a gift from God that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Unfortunately, everyone can't always work through their personal problems and attachment issues on their own, which tend to show up in close relationships in the form of communication issues, misunderstandings, and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

When you’ve been together with someone for a while, you’ve created cherished memories that can't be experienced with anyone else. Coupling can help you reignite that.

If you’re starting to feel disconnected from your partner and feel unable to work through your differences in a healthy and loving manner, it’s time to get Christian marriage counseling services in Wichita, KS. Things like financial issues, unfaithfulness, or clashes regarding parenting styles can require professional intervention.

A call to action.

The sooner you start marriage counseling the greater your probability of success.  Call  our office manager at    

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